Friday, March 9, 2018

Buttons & Beads !

Sixth graders are having fun with their new project!
The silhouette drawings are being filled with beads.

They are doing great!

Silhouette Self Portraits Completed !

7th Grade 2D Art

7th Grade 2D Art has been working on a Self Portrait with motto project.
Students began with a careful of their own facial features.
The mottos were chosen by each student, the illustrations related to the saying.

The pieces look great!

9/10th Grade 2D Art

Students have finished up their Silhouette Pieces !

Great to see such variety within the projects -- nice job!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Crafts Class: Fold Out Books!

Sixth graders created their own Fold Out Books in class.

They came out great!

Crafts Class .. Buttons & Beads !

Sixth graders are working on a Silhouette Button & Bead project.
Each student selected an image, made a stencil of the drawing, then transferred the image onto a canvas board.
Buttons & Beads were attached using glue. Can't wait to see these finished!